Changing Conversations for a Changing World 

September 2020 Event Programme

Below you will find the list of sessions we ran at our inaugural Changing Conversations for a Changing World event 9-10th September 2020.

It was a roaring success and we look forward to our future events.

Do join us for news updates and our next event at the end of the page.

Day 1

Track 1

Session 1 : Visualising and cocreating in remote teams

Experience online co-creation approach for remote teams using a digital whiteboard, how graphic visualisation helps increase the understanding of the problem discussed and its solution among involved team participants, the importance of having a co-creation space; also for remote teams. A graphic recording will anchor the learnings.

by Christian Delez & Dominique Ara

Session 2 : Finding and Developing your Voice

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with negative thinking?

Identify the actions that hold you back

Listen and learn from your own internal stories

Have a framework to develop your confident voice

by Jo Adams & Carol Henry

Session 3 : Leveraging the Surprising Power of Positive Feedback

We all live enough in uncertainty for the moment and our brain does not like it.

No one needs to doubt about their contribution and skills on top. We all need to be nurtured and rewarded for all the good intentional work we are delivering. This is true for you, and it is true for your bosses, teammate, team members, suppliers too.

Leverage on the surprising power of positive feedback without feeling uncomfortable and be the influential leader people want to follow. In this session, you will practice articulating the 3-steps positive feedback and feel the impact on your neurobiology.

by Dominique Ara & Carol Henry

Session 4 : Touchpoint Leadership: Igniting the Connective Energy

Using the C.L.E.A.R. Model: Contracting, Listening, Exploring, Action and Review  

participants gain insight into what skills are required to manage the enormous amount of interpersonal data to “listen” into the team dynamic and see the collective pattern within the overall team picture.

by Charlotte Weston & Ute Franzen-Waschke

Session 5 : Leading Minds and Changing Conversations: Wired to Engage

We have a “window of capacity” in our nervous systems that allow us to socially engage through our conversations. If we are uncertain, uncomfortable, or stressed, our window starts to close down. Neuroscience shows us how we can learn to work with that window, and widen it. We will discover how to recognize and track whether we are in this “green light” zone for connecting, and what we can do if we are not!

by Debra Pearce-McCall & Donna Daigle

Session 6 : Leading Intuitively - Trust Begins with You

Confident leaders have learned to trust their intuition, and confidence is contagious!

This is a fun experiential session that will increase your intuition and confidence in it.

Your Takeaways:

  • A greater appreciation for your own intuition and ‘inner wisdom’
  • Insight into the perceptions and communication styles of others
  • Strategies for building better relationships and a culture of trust
  • A personalized roadmap for continuing to increase your own intuition and repeat the process with your team

by Donna Daigle & Jo Adams

Track 2

Session 1 : Managing Courageous Conversations

As a manager, you may be faced with difficult conversations.  These can uncomfortable, emotional and awkward and the temptation is to avoid them.

Discover the framework for holding courageous conversations that will allow you to express yourself, clear up misunderstandings and create positive outcomes.

by Jo Adams & Karin Ovari

Session 2 : Using synchronous and asynchronous technology for deep connection

This will be an experiential experience using the campus tools in a fun way. We will do a Sandbox play with Howspace (asynchronous) and Zoom (synchronous) and more. 

The discussion will be around how technology can be used to deepen our human connection. What is the culture shift and mindset around this thought? 

Participants will get a deeper understanding of how technology can deepen not lessen your team connections and humanity.

by Karin Ovari & Vicky Miethe

Session 3 : Using the PPAS Maturity Model to discover your organization’s footprint and how it will serve you going forward in the digital age

Participants will learn more about the four dimensions of the PPAS model

  • People
  • Processes
  • Applications (tools)
  • Structure/Infrastructure

and how to start a very customized ‘discovery process’ to analyse the status quo and co-create a roadmap going forward. Based on sets of questions, participants will learn what gaps exist and ideally, start a thinking process on how to close these going forward.

by Ute Franzen-Waschke & Donna Daigle

Session 4 : Learning how to dance with life, and embrace the heart of change

Using the Argentinian Tango as our metaphor, we will explore 3 lessons in tango with heart and passion rather than step by step instruction. All with parallels to leading change.

It will be a mix of exploring the mindset needed, the skillset that can be developed and concrete tools to be used in dancing together in new ways as we live in a changing environment.

Tango this way may sound easy, but it requires insights, practice and work together. We will argue that this way is faster, more fun and opens up for more possibilities when navigating forward.

by Anita Edvinsson & Catharina Wohlecke-Haglund

Session 5 : Meditating and Being Mindful

“Meditation and Being Mindful” is a 90 minute workshop facilitated by Deborah Goldstein and Sonja Vlaar. It is for anybody who does not (yet) practice meditation regularly and wants to find out if meditation could be something to integrate into their daily routines.

Join us to experience some practical exercises that you can employ yourself, immediately after the workshop. We especially recommend these exercises when you need to re-energize, want to gain focus and find calm.”

by Deborah Goldstein & Sonja Vlaar

Session 6 : Mixing that conversational cocktail

Workshop participants will learn about the key ingredients (neurotransmitters) that are part of every conversation we have, no matter with whom, about what and when. How these ingredients are influencing the conversation, and what can we do to up- and down-regulate what is in our conversational cocktail.

by Ute Franzen-Waschke & Deborah Goldstein

Day 2

Track 1

Session 1 : Trusting in virtual teams through COVID and beyond

(Re)Discover the inextricable link between trust and commitment.

Reflect on your ‘now’ normal to co-create opportunities for your ‘next’ normal.

Build and foster trust in every team.

In this highly interactive session we will be referencing the works of Patrick Lencioni, Meredith Belbin and Judith E. Glaser for you to conduct a team health check and start unlocking new ways to lead your teams to high performance.

by Linda Keller & Jane Owen

Session 2 : Co-Creating highly engaged teams in transformations

The leaders and employees that succeed long term are those able to engage actively in the changes amidst the initial resistance.

Yet how do we as leaders engage our employees to act in the middle of uncertainty?

Change comes with an inbuilt opportunity, an invitation to grow if we engage in the change.

Lets together explore how we engage long term.


Leave this interactive session with:

  • a co-created roadmap to navigate engagement during change
  • a sense of how to keep certainty in the middle of uncertainty
  • clarity on how to create engagement

by Vicky Miethe & Karin Ovari

Session 3 : Moving with Values into Trust

Learn more about value-driven development, research behind it and experience from working with values.

You will:

  • Build trust and explore your own personal values with our interactive tool
  • Get insight into what is really important to you.
  • Find out what motivates you and gives you power, especially when you experience the congruence of your own personal values, the values of your team and your organization.

Values are at the core of who we are, for both individuals and organizations.

by Carina Vinberg & Carol Henry

Session 4 : Amplifying your Unique Way of Being Resilient by Reconnecting to Your Superpowers

Your resilience is a core capacity that can set you up for high performance. And, resilience can be built, shaped and tailored.” this session you will participate in two interactive experiences facilitated by four resiliency experts.

Expect to engage in activities to grow your resilience, to better understand the benefit of hardships as opportunities. And when the jaws of a setback come your way, you will be prepared.

by Mary Ann Walsh & Linda Keller & Ute Franzen-Waschke & Erica Elam & Deborah Goldstein

Session 5 : Listening to Connect: Conversational Intelligence® at Work

In this interactive session, you will learn how to have conversations that build trust.

You will discover the value and importance of listening on three different levels. Listening with a focus on pulling rather than pushing viewpoints. And you will walk away with strategies to use the dynamics of the three different levels of conversation to intentionally influence, actively and positively shape the future of your relationships with others.

by Eilish McKeown & Ute Franzen-Waschke

Session 6 : Managing Overwhelm and Enhancing Productivity

During this interactive and inspiring session, you’ll gain the knowledge and practices needed to maximize your virtual productivity and your personal well being at the same time! You’ll understand the connection between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy and productivity. You’ll experience a real time exercise and a couple of practices to enhance productivity and energy in real time.

Virtual productivity offers a silver lining to the Coronavirus. If you’re open to making small tweaks in your daily habits, you will live a healthier, more fulfilled, less exhausted life!

by Deborah Goldstein & Erica Elam

Track 2

Session 1 : Embracing Behavior Patterns for High- Performing Remote Teams

This is an immersive experience of connection, some insight and discovery about remote interactions, and your personal alignment. We will practice :

  • The Core Protocols like Check-In, Personal Alignment, Investigate, Decider.
  • The Core Commitments.

This set of practices enables people and teams to learn results-oriented behaviour, to enter a state of shared vision and stay there focused, to trust each other, to stay rational and healthy, to make decisions effectively, and to keep moving toward the team’s goals.

Learn high-performance team behavioural patterns and recognise when these are missing in a team.

by Christian Delez & Dominique Ara

Session 2 : Getting from Knowing to Doing – Done Beats Perfect

Most of us know what is important to do and what will bring us forward to our success. But getting from knowing to doing can be hard. Even for the most ambitious.

Come and explore your saboteurs and monkey mind thoughts that stop us from the doing.  You will learn how to use 6 important energies and quieting the Monkey Mind as you find Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace.

Learning about this will also make you better at coaching others, but “put your own mask on first, before helping others).

by Catharina Wohlecke-Haglund & Anita Edvinsson

Session 3 : Bringing diverse thinking styles together to strengthen team relationships and results

Encouraging diverse thinking styles leads to greater workforce engagement and better decisions. This workshop is for managers who want to learn how to decode and understand their own thinking styles and those of others. Erica Elam and Sonja Vlaar have decades of experience using the Herrmann Whole Brain® Thinking model as an approach to help managers create awareness of different thinking styles within their teams and intentionally leverage them to optimize collaboration.

by Sonia Vlaar &Erica Elam

Session 4 : Creating Psychological Safety for Remote Teams

Referencing the work of Timothy R. Clark you will gain an understanding of the 4 stages of Psychological Safety and some practical tips to increase your Teams’ Psychological Safety.

We will have a conversation about what is Psychological Safety and its importance for virtual teams. You will experience where you are now and where you would like to be on the Psychological Safety Ladder and how to make it safe to fail.

You will gain an understanding of how to take a step closer to psychological safety in all areas of life. We do this through an interactive journey up the stairway.

by Karin Ovari & Sonja Vlaar

Session 5 : Getting a GRIP on Life: The GRIP Method

Learn a breakdown of The G.R.I.P. Method: Goals, Road Blocks, Integrity, Plan

  • Effective goal setting
  • Clear the roadblocks to performance
  • Identify behavioral challenges that are hindering results
  • Plan the work and work the plan

Walk away with a working knowledge of a critical framework that leaders need to advance their careers, teams, and organizations—especially during the new social and environmental challenges of the 2020s.

by Elix Cintron & Mary Ann Walsh

Session 6 : Leading Intentionally: Closing the Gap between Intentions and Impact

Learn the accuracy of your perceptions; skills to close the Grand Canyon gap of mis-communication through words and behaviors based on science of the brain.

There will be case studies, reflection and writing, break-out rooms to increase self-awareness and practice applicable tools.

Your Takeaways

  • Awareness of your own gap between intention and impact
  • Tools to converse in a more intentional manner and increase effective communication.

by Grace Moniz & Patricia Saint

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