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“Conversations are the golden threads that keep us connected to others.”

~ Judith E. Glaser

Leaders at all levels in organizations large and small, have never been more challenged to create cultures of trust, to build teams that co-create with a common vision, and to create transparent conversations that lead to trust and conflict resolution. Judith E. Glaser was the world’s leading authority on Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ). Her transformational approaches use neuroscience and anthropology to enable leaders to raise their Conversational Intelligence and build agile and higher performing individuals and teams.

Before her death in 2018, she spent three years educating and certifying hundreds of organizational consultants, coaches, and leaders around the world in applying C-IQ in their own work. Throughout their education they juggled time zones, cultures, and varied languages. Out of this learning emerged the European C-IQ Collective, with experienced C-IQ certified coaches who continue Judith’s work to inspire personal and professional growth with a focus on individual development, diversity and inclusion, corporate culture and leadership.

It’s time to change the conversation.

The fifteen authors of this book, from accross Europe and the U.S., all members of the European C-IQ Collective, represent diverse perspectives, cultures, and experiences. They have come together to form this eclectic collection of real-world stories based on their experiences in working with organizations to change the way we converse, and the extraordinary results that ensue. This book provides key insights for leaders everywhere who must adapt to our changing world if they wish to survive and thrive.

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