Changing Conversations for a Changing World

Are you at the end of your day sitting in precisely the same space you were at 7.30 this morning, after endless virtual meetings, technical glitches, and ever-changing goalposts, are you feeling just a little overwhelmed?

Then there’s your team. How are they [the team] doing? Are they focused on the right things individually and collectively?

You are not alone in missing personal connection!

Let’s have a conversation to re-energize, engage, and ensure your team’s success.

Learn how to cope with an uncertain future, where the only constant is… change.

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2 Full Co-creative Days

10 am to 11 pm Central European
4 am to 5 pm US  Eastern Standard

Check your Time

24 Global Speakers

A team of super experienced  global  executive coaches and team transformation facilitators

3 Weeks of Collaboration

The platform we are using to facilitate your learning and integration experience is revolutionary.
Before, During, After the live event.

These aren’t yesterday’s tools and tips!


Let’s face it! The working practices that got us here are not working anymore.

We need to reinvent how we turn up at work and lead. 

We must learn to be more nimble. We need to adapt our techniques and ways of being on the fly during these surreal times. It’s not easy, even tricky, like building a plane while it is in the air.

In this “we are all in this together” world, we need to share in building our teams and relationships. The ‘power-over’ relationship, so typical in a top-down culture, doesn’t work in a world yearning for trust, cooperation, collaboration, and transparency. The time is right to use a power-with model, share the power, and co-create exceptional teams! 

Your Takeaways

Learn, Experience, Experiment with…

Tools you need for right now

Ways to build Trust

Ways to implement the power-with leadership style

Powerful resilience techniques for challenging moments

Be ready to seriously question your ability to lead powerfully*

No Joke, this is experiential

The platform we are using to facilitate your learning and integration experience is revolutionary. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered campus will allow us to be co-creative and experiential.

We are a team of 30+ super-experienced executive coaches and team transformation facilitators. We have seen how all the changes imposed by this pandemic has seen us all struggle and perhaps suffer in some way. We’ve been there with our toolboxes helping you find your way. And now we want to share this new experience with even more managers, leaders and teams.

Do you have the guts to seriously question your ability to lead powerfully* (it’s not what you think)? To be successful in the current context, you find yourselves. Then this gathering is made for you.

  • Meet managers that are facing similar challenges.
  • Create your tailor-made solutions now that you can use immediately in your workplace.
  • Truly experience being virtually interactive using our fantastic platform.
  • Revisit your inner self using new techniques based in neuroscience.
  • Begin to implement these unique tips and techniques and become agile in your thinking, sharing, and leadership behaviours.

As a result, you will have a newfound confidence and energy for your new journey ahead.

As a very welcome attendee, you will get

  • Three weeks access to the fantastic interactive platform.
  • Bonus videos and podcasts from speakers.
  • A downloadable gift from each of the speakers.
  • Thirty-minutes for individuals or 50-minutes for teams of focused coaching sessions (virtually) with an experienced and chartered executive coach.  (ticket dependent)

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Event Pricing

I'm Curious, Please Keep Me Posted

The Story of how this conference evolved

The castle was booked! 

We were supposed to meet in Scotland, in an old castle, in the middle of majestic nature. Because we come from more than 20 different countries throughout Europe and North America, we don’t get to meet every day. We mainly work remotely. 

Our Scotland retreat had a clear purpose. We planned to spend almost a week together co-creating new products, challenging our practices, exchanging experiences we have with the leaders, executives, and teams with which we work. Sharing our best practices and telling our stories.

Then COVID happened. 

By April, we knew we could not fly to Scotland to have our gathering. Someone said in one of our virtual meeting calls, “instead of gathering together, why don’t we share what we have learned and what we teach and what we practice every day to a bigger audience? Why don’t we run our C-IQ Europe Gathering virtually?”

And that’s how this all started! Instead of us meeting for our annual gathering, we want to share with you instead and learn differently through co-creation. 

We are so excited to meet you. For many of us, this will be our first time to create and be part of a virtual conference. 

You bet we are going to give you everything we can to help you change the conversation for a changing world.

PS the castle will happen in 2021